Script error on MOSS 2007 site (Library not registered)

Been struggling with this error a couple a times now, it has been reappearing with months in between and everytime I keep forgetting how its solved.

Now the error message appears like this:

If you look into init.js at the indicated line you will find:

function EnsureIMNControl()
 if (!bIMNControlInited)
  if (browseris.ie5up && browseris.win32)
//@if (@_jscript_version >=5)
//@            try
//@            {
//@                IMNControlObj=new ActiveXObject("Name.NameCtrl.1");
//@            } catch(e)
//@            {
//@            };
  if (IMNControlObj)
 return IMNControlObj;

Googling this script mostly resolves to error in environments where user is on anonymously and therefore cannot except OnlinePresence to work, which this basically is. But in the environment I work in, we use communicator and is authenticated, so it should work.

Resolution: it’s EASY – run office diagnostics (located in start -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office tools – > Microsoft Office Diagnostics)

Update 03-22-2010: The following error is also often seen when opening document templates from our internal MOSS, same solution….


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I work as Application administrator at a large danish consultantcy company. I have daily responsibility for our Dynamics AX 2009 installation and work mostly with the applications tied to AX, amongst others MOSS 2007, SQL Server 2008, etc. I am a Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist on Dynamics AX 2009 Installation and Configuration. In my spare time I program some classic ASP and .NET...
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