Enterprise portal SSL setup

I was recently giving the task to setup up an Internet facing Enterprise portal site, now as I usually do, I turned to Solution Monkey’s blog to find help, and stumbled across this post.

Now it seemed to me as quite a hazzle to go through to get EP up and running on SSL/ https, and I decided to go my own way, installed EP as I would normally do, and when it was all running nicely I just add some mappings through central admin for my site, actually I added a https version of my url as a public mapping and it was all done…


About The Village Bully

I work as Application administrator at a large danish consultantcy company. I have daily responsibility for our Dynamics AX 2009 installation and work mostly with the applications tied to AX, amongst others MOSS 2007, SQL Server 2008, etc. I am a Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist on Dynamics AX 2009 Installation and Configuration. In my spare time I program some classic ASP and .NET...
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2 Responses to Enterprise portal SSL setup

  1. savio says:

    can you send the deatils step by step installation of EP using ssl on windows 2008 r2

  2. savio says:

    also my iis and wss 3.0 sp2 in web farm.

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